China's textile industry still faces various unfavorable factors in 2004


As the forecast of the China textile industry association,  the situation which China's textile industry facing is complicated this year, Although the market environment improved compared to last year, there’re still have some negative factors which can not beignored.Heard from the China textile industry association on 21th, China’s textile garment industry going smooth during 2013, the output also keep developing steadily. For the textile and garment industry in China, the output will maintain raising in 2014.

It also provide a vital basic for the domestic consumption’s extending of the China’s textile and garmentIndustry with the development of the steady growth in household income and progress in urbanization.This year, with the effect in regulatory policy which aim at steady -growth and restructuring, increase inDomestic economic and the promotion in domestic consumption capacity demand and so on, these allFactors will do positive effect to China’s Textile industry.

At the same time, we have to know that there’re still some obvious issues, like the increasing pressureIn environment, Comprehensive cost, the exist of SME and the situation of energy saving and emission reduction.

Besides, It’s a little short in China's textile industry technology innovation ability, therefore we have to pay more attention to such problems like the lack of international market demand and the increasing pressureIn market competition.